Palmer Chiropractic Clinic
Our Philosophy of Care

Our philosophy is simple: get you back to optimal function as
soon as possible and keep you that way. We use four basic
steps to accomplish this:

  • Figure out what's wrong.
  • Solve the problem.
  • Prevent it from coming back.
  • Promote general health & wellness.

We believe you, our patient, deserves the highest standard
of care, and often that includes taking the time to teach you
about your condition and how you can help in the process of
healing and maintaining your health.
About Dr. Palmer

  • He graduated from the Canadian Memorial
    Chiropractic College in 1978.
  • He graduated from the Canadian College of
    Naturopathic Medicine in 1995.
  • Dr. Palmer completed postgraduate courses in
    surface electromyography, acupuncture, and
  • With over 35 years of clinical experience helping
    maintain health and wellness, Dr. Palmer will be
    happy to help you!
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