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What is an adjustment?

An adjustment is a precise procedure in which a trained  Chiropractor
exerts corrective pressure at specific places on your spine or other joint.
When a thorough examination reveals they are not in proper alignment.

Adjustments are performed by manually applying pressure to the area in
order to correct joint alignment and mobility, relieve associated muscle
and nerve tension, improve balance and assist in healing.

If you still don't understand what a chiropractic adjustment is, talk to Dr.
Palmer and he will be happy to explain it to you and how it will benefit
your health.
What should I expect on my first visit?  

You will be asked to complete a comprehensive health history,
including past health problems, diet, exercise, occupation, and
other informative information.  If you have already had tests
(such as x-rays) regarding your problem, bring them and any

Be prepared to discuss: when the problem started; how it
started; how long you have had it; what makes the problem
worse or better; treatments you have tried so far and how well
they worked; and any other information you believe is relevant.  
The more information Dr. Palmer has, the easier it will be to
develop a course of action geared to your specific needs.  

Dr. Palmer realizes you need to feel comfortable and confident
that the treatment he is suggesting will help you, so he
encourages you to bring notes with any questions you may want
to ask.

If your health insurance company requires a referral before
treatment, please obtain one. Payment will be required at your
initial visit and at each subsequent visit.  A receipt will be given
to you to submit to any extended health provider you may have.  
Please  let us know in advance if this is a WSIB claim.

You will receive a comprehensive examination using both
specialized equipment and "hands on" treatment to determine
your range of motion and strength.  Dr. Palmer will also take the
time to counsel you about the prevention of disease and the
methods for living a healthy lifestyle.

Finally, a follow up appointment will be set up.  Regular
chiropractic care for you and your whole family is not only
recommended, but encouraged.
Can you help me?

Chiropractors treat people of all ages, from children to the elderly, for many
different problems. Chiropractic deals with the whole person.  Ideally,
chiropractic care should be proactive, meaning, to seek care before you
have an issue that you need care.  We do however, treat the causes of
problems as well as their symptoms. If you have specific concerns please
contact us.  We have two clinics to serve you in Southwestern Ontario.  We
will gladly help you deal with injuries suffered at work, home, and sporting
events.  We will work with you and your insurance company on Injuries
arising from vehicle accidents.

The Canadian Chiropractic Association states: "Few (if any) other health
care interventions have been assessed as extensively as chiropractic
spinal manipulation, both in terms of safety and effectiveness. Furthermore,
few other health care professions have been as thoroughly researched as
chiropractic."  The issue of stroke and neck manipulation has received
media attention. For more information about this issue, read the
Chiropractic Association's release on neck manipulation and the article
Spinal manipulation and stroke. We perform the appropriate investigations
to determine if you are a good candidate for therapy in terms of patient
safety and likelihood of success. As well, we will provide the best treatment
according to your individual condition. If you are not a good candidate for
chiropractic care, you will be referred to the appropriate health care
Laugh Your Way to Better Health

There’s a cliche that says “Laughter is the Best Medicine,” but if you’ve
ever been sick, I’m sure you’ve found that laughter doesn’t magically fix  
you right up.  However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any health

For example, did you know that laughing for 10 to 15 minutes increases
your heart rate by 10% to 20%, which can help burn calories?  In fact,
laughing 100 times can burn as many calories as 10 minutes on a
stationary bike.  It can also improve blood flow to the heart by 50%,
which can help reduce blood-clot formation, cholesterol deposition and
inflammation.  In addition to these great reasons to laugh, humor can

■Increase blood flow to the brain.
■Boost brainpower.
■Improve immune-cell function (which can help ward off cancer).
■Benefit your digestion and absorption of food.
■Relax muscles and reduce stress.
■Lower blood pressure.
■Enhance ability to learn.
■Increase your attentiveness.
■Ease pain.

Dr. Doug promotes all types of health and wellness for his patients, and
that includes laughing your way to better health. Besides the great
health benefits....hey, it's just good old fashion fun.
314-111 Waterloo St
London, ON


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